What do you get?

Optimised payroll, amazing rewards & benefits and a sense of belonging that is often missing in the contractor workforce.

When you join OpenTalent Consulting as an independent contractor:

  • We act as your employer and charge only 2.5% of your hourly rate.
  • We provide you with an optimised payroll service that is geared around your specific needs.
  • We give you exclusive rewards and benefits.
  • We keep you connected with regular meet-ups and events.
  • We use a salary sacrifice arrangement to set aside some of your earnings to optimise your payroll.

As an employee:

  • You get a consistent employment record, instead of independent contracts with multiple recruitment agencies; which looks great on your financial record.
  • You can come to us for advice and guidance for anything related to contracting or your roles.
  • You get paid weekly with payslips.
  • You get paid leave, which covers personal days, public holidays and well-deserved holidays.
  • Your superannuation is paid each quarter.
  • You get access to an employee benefits program, financial wellness training and LinkedIn Learning.
  • You can salary sacrifice a whole range of expenses including gifts, laptops, mobile phones, training, business-related expenses and living away from home allowances.

The result of structuring your employment with OpenTalent Consulting enables you to end up with more income that is spread evenly across the whole year, while gaining access to our amazing rewards and benefits and regular meet-ups and events.

You get the whole package


  • Optimised Payroll.
  • Salary Packaging.
  • Contractor Advisory Services.
  • Rate and Contract Negotiation Tips.
  • Friendly efficient service and understanding of individual situations.
  • Employment Representation.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Services capped at 2.5% of your hourly rate.
  • No setup or exit fees.

Rewards & Benefits

  • Weekly pay cycle with pay slips (for Weekly and Fortnightly contract terms).
  • Paid Leave (Personal, Public Holidays, Annual Leave).
  • Employee benefits program.
  • Financial wellness content.
  • LinkedIn Learning.
  • $250 Visa Gift Card for each referral.
  • Gifts throughout the year.
  • Claim Expenses and Allowances.
  • Salary Sacrifice Expenses.
  • Novated Car Loans.


  • Weekly pay cycle with pay slips (Weekly and Fortnightly contract terms).
  • Paid Leave (Personal, Public Holidays, Annual Leave).
  • Wages distributed to multiple bank accounts.
  • Superannuation paid each quarter.
  • Compliant payroll overseen by our certified Accountant.

Salary Sacrifice Expenses

  • Laptops, mobile phones, tablets, publications, training, books etc.
  • Business-related expenses.
  • Superannuation.
  • Motor vehicle.
  • Living away from home allowance (LAFHA).

People of OpenTalent Consulting

  • Lunch/Brunch with randomly selected people
  • Regular Coffee Meet-Ups before work
  • Regular Events
  • Epic personal development events
  • A sense of belonging that is often missing in the contractor workforce

Guaranteed Pay Day

  • We guarantee our pay day every single week.
  • We pay you religiously with approved timesheets, regardless of your recruitment agency paying us or not.
  • Allocate a portion of your income to a pre-paid leave account and withdraw it whenever you need some time off or need a little extra.

Why choose OpenTalent Consulting?

Guaranteed Pay Day

Guaranteed Pay Day Every Single Week!

You can also accrue leave and be paid when you have days off including public holidays.

100% Transparent Fees

We charge a flat 2.5% fee and no setup/exit fees.

This fee covers your insurances, salary packaging and our amazing benefits program.

Optimised Payroll

Minimise Tax and Increase Your Take-Home Pay!

We optimise your income and provide exclusive rewards, benefits and valuable advice.

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What do you get?


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