Why work with us?

We bring independent contractors together under one amazing brand and structure their income to achieve more.

Why us?

Our payroll services and amazing benefits are all yours for a simple 2.5% of your hourly rate… So, the question should really be “why not us?”

Choosing a payroll services company is an important decision, as you are trusting people with your money. When you join OpenTalent Consulting, you can be sure we’ll look after your hard-earned money, ensure you are making the most of it each week and provide you with a heap of benefits that you normally miss out on when working as an independent contractor.

You will be smiling ear-to-ear with our:

  • Optimised payroll service
  • Employee benefits program
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Financial wellness content and more

We like to think if you are winning, then we are winning too.   OpenTalent Consulting is also here to bring independent contractors across Australia together under one amazing brand, to provide:

  • A sense of belonging that is often missing in the contractor workforce
  • A consistent employment record, instead of independent contracts with multiple recruitment agencies
  • Regular Events
  • Regular coffee meet ups

Why do I need a payroll services company?

As an independent contractor, every dollar you earn needs to be managed by you or a payroll services provider.


When you work as a permanent employee, you typically have a Human Resources Department or a Payroll team who manages your employee compliance, training and payroll needs; and you can normally have your pay tailored to meet your specific needs.

Working as a contractor you have the option to operate your own company, become an “employee” of the recruitment agency or elect to use a payroll services company like OpenTalent Consulting.

Each of these options have pro’s and con’s, which can be summarised as:

Working For Compliance Payroll Salary Sacrifice Claim Expenses and Allowances Benefits Program Paid Leave Cost
Your Own Company Very Difficult Tailored Yes Yes No Yes Very High
Recruitment Agency Easy Basic No Typically, No No No None
OpenTalent Consulting Easy Tailored Yes Yes Amazing Yes* Low

* in the form of salary sacrifice

Our services have been designed to make it easy and affordable for contractors like you to get paid like a permanent employee, while benefiting from a highly optimised payroll that reflects the qualities of the contractor workstyle, such as employment flexibility and a higher rate of pay.

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Why choose OpenTalent Consulting?

Guaranteed Pay Day

Guaranteed Pay Day Every Single Week!

You can also accrue leave and be paid when you have days off including public holidays.

100% Transparent Fees

We charge a flat 2.5% fee and no setup/exit fees!

This fee covers your insurances, salary packaging and our amazing benefits program.

Optimised Payroll

Minimise Tax and Increase Your Take-Home Pay!

We optimise your income and provide exclusive rewards, benefits and valuable advice.

Why work with us?


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